Diesel woodcutter TN-130DK with conveyor belt
Code: 20
Price: 116 000 UAH.

Production of TEHOVA branch shredders:

Branch shredders are made on high-quality equipment with software (CNC), which makes them high-quality and reliable, which in turn guarantees a long service life of the units.

The thickness of the casing of the shredder is 25 mm, the distance between the walls of the casing is 230 mm, the distance between the shafts is 130 mm.

Cutting shafts - square, gears on the shafts are planted on the slots. Gears with a diameter of 230mm, 40mm thick. Knives are made from 65G spring steel with subsequent heat treatment and have a double sharpening angle, which allows to extend the service life of knives. Knife thickness 12mm.

Knives are set in relation to each other, as accurately as possible without gaps between them, which allows the same process the branches of larger diameter and the smallest.