Hydraulic disk tree trimmer SF-6000
Code: 28
Price: 340 000 UAH.
The SHKIV SF-6000 hydraulic disk tree trimmer is intended for pruning of forest protection strips and landings
along public roads and around agricultural lands, thickets of trees and bushes, etc.
This technique can also be used for seasonal pruning of perennial garden plants and decorative hedges.
Tree pruners are made on high-precision equipment with software that makes them high quality and reliable and 
guarantees a long service life of the units. The SHKIV SF-6000 tree pruner is equipped with three circular
saws with a total width of a cutting part of 1,6 meters. The hydraulic system provides lifting to a pruning height
of up to 6 meters.
The mill for pruning of trees fastens to the MTZ-80, (-82) tractor and similar in standard openings of a bar of 
a forward and to spars. The oil station is mounted on the rear hitch of the tractor and is connected to the GDP
by a cardan shaft and is used exclusively to transmit torque to the circular saws.